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About the Cause

Is it crazy to think that...

teens can change their world….. one zucchini at a time? 

...Or that growing vegetables can foster an awareness of food justice issues such as food access, environmental sustainability, and personal health?

...Or that through this work, young people can feel empowered to make real changes in their own community’s food system?

For the past four years, an innovative new program, the Youth Farm Project, has brought a purposefully diverse group of local high school youth together on a 4 acre farm doing just that…. There, they learn to grow food sustainably, while making connections across neighborhood, ethnic and socioeconomic boundaries.

In addition to learning sustainable growing methods, teens spend one day each week learning about the many ways that food impacts themselves and their community… interacting with guest speakers, viewing documentaries, and participating in activities which draw attention to the issues preventing all members of their community from having access to healthy food.

Through participation in neighborhood markets and the distribution of farm produce to hot meals and daily snack and lunch programs at local schools, local youth become directly involved in helping families throughout the community gain access to local fresh produce that would otherwise prove unaffordable.

Based on the feedback that each Youth Farm participant provides at the end of each season, this program truly changes kids' lives. Many move forward to take on leadership positions at the farm and use it as a springboard to continued activism - using what they have learned to foster further positive change. Please consider making a donation that will help equip the Youth Farm and carry it into the Future.

For more information about last year's accomplishments, donors, and reflections from the Youth Farm Project, download our 2013 Annual Report.

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